CONSULTATION | 1 hour | $50

A detailed consultation and skin examination to help explain your skin concerns. Understanding your skin is key to a good skin care regime. You will learn what to avoid and what to do to take good care of your skin on a daily basis. I will help you choose cosmetics and treatments suitable for your skin, lifestyle, and budget.

DERMA ENZYME TREATMENT | 30 mins | $63             

Package of 6 treatments | $315

Designed to improve skin tone, colour, texture, reduce the signs of acne, support the capillary system and help to alleviate diffused redness. Beneficial for clients of all ages to maintain a healthy skin function. Key ingredients in this treatment are plant enzymes and a mixture of kaolin and bentonite, known also as ‘medicinal clay’, with anti-inflammatory and oil balancing properties.

TAILORED FACIAL 30 | 30 mins | $66                 

Package of 6 treatments | $330

Express facial to give your skin a quick and nourishing boost. The focus of this treatment is on the customised mask. The type of mask is carefully chosen to address your current skin concerns. Perfect as quick hydration and nourishment after a long flight or as a part of your tailored treatment package.

TAILORED FACIAL 60 | 1 hour | $110                 

Package of 6 treatments | $550

Bespoke facial treatment fully tailored to your skin – whether you suffer from congestion, dryness, dehydration, fine lines or your skin is prone to redness, itching or flaking. The highly effective active ingredients target your specific skin issues. Biostimulation facial massage intensifies the penetration of actives deeper into the skin leaving your skin feeling plump, soft and well hydrated.

TAILORED FACIAL 90 | 90 mins | $132                 

Package of 6 treatments | $660

Designed as an upgrade from ‘Tailored Facial 60’, focusing on even more relaxation to reveal radiant healthy skin. Customised eye treatment and a foot or hand massage are added to this treatment. Your skin will be renewed and your mind and body feeling completely refreshed.

DETOX FACIAL | 60 mins | $115

Suitable for all skin types in need of restoration, rejuvenation and cellular nutrients. This treatment will restore skin barrier function with a unique cleansing blend while simultaneously supplying minerals and antioxidants that will neutralise free radicals, calm and stabilise environmentally stressed skin. It is a great post-flight, post celebration, and post-sun treatment.

PURE RELAX FACIAL | 60 mins | $90                                     

Package of 6 treatments | $450

Full facial treatment focussing on facial massage and maximal relaxation. This facial is a great choice if you do not suffer from any skin problem and want total relaxation. A vitamin cream mask massaged into your skin will provide great barrier support, hydration, and antioxidant boost.

FIRST AID FACIAL | 40 mins | $95

Designed for a very sensitive, sun-burned, red and rosacea skin. A gentle cleanse, carefully chosen active serums, and a soothing high-tech biomask from a natural 100% pure cellulose biopolymer, target natural regeneration and soothing of the skin. For optimal results, you will be able to reuse the mask within 4 hours at home.


The treatment plan depends on your skin concerns. Tailored combination of treatments and skincare products are recommended to achieve the best results.

SKIN ROLLING at home DEMO | 1 hour | $200 

Includes consultation, skin rolling kit & skin rolling protocol

Amazing results may be achieved in skin showing signs of ageing or acne scars. Skin rolling, skin needling, derma needling or collagen induction therapy are just different names of an advanced skin treatment involving prickling the skin with tiny needles. Cosmetic skin rolling involves the use of a roller with the depth of needles of 0.2 or 0.3mm. This process stimulates skin cells optimising their function via the release of specific chemical messengers and increases cell turnover. You will learn all you need to know to roll your skin at home. Suitable only for clients already using dermaviduals skincare for at least one month.


Eyebrow  wax | $15       Eyebrow tint | $15       Eyelash tint| $20 Face wax | $5-20