Meet Daniela

The founder and skin therapist at DM facials

“Our skin is a fascinating organ, so perfectly orchestrated to protect our body and our life. I love spending time reading articles and papers about skin cells and how they perform at their best. My collection of favourite books focuses on skin and I get really energised when I am learning more through online courses, seminars, or symposiums. But I also love putting this knowledge to good use.

My work is my passion and I share my knowledge and experience with my clients. Being honest is a core value to my business and I only recommend products and treatments if I truly believe they can improve my clients’ skin condition and make a real difference. Improving skin health and appearance also involves lifestyle changes and I work with my clients to identify the best approaches and share tips for success.

The beauty industry is under-regulated. Many cosmetic ingredients banned in other countries are widely found in cosmetics in the Australian market. Some treatment modalities (methods) are offered in beauty salons that may harm the skin in the long-term. Despite popular belief, it could speed up ageing and make the skin more vulnerable.

In Australia, the skin cancer country, we should aim to support the natural protective function of the skin by all available means, and that is exactly the purpose of my work. When all the skin cells function well, the result is a strong, healthy, and glowing skin that finally makes antiaging treatments more effective.”

International Association for Applied Corneotherapy
Cosmetic Analysis (Institution for Advancement of Skin Health)

And what my clients say?
I feel very humble reading all the really nice text messages and emails I am receiving and I would like to thank all of them for the loyalty and trust. I am sharing a few of them below.

“Daniela from DM Beauty is extremely pleasant and professional and an expert on everything relating to the skin. What a wealth of knowledge she has! She’s very thorough, interested, and keen to help improve my skin and works out what is best suited to my needs. She always gives an explanation as to what she is doing or going to do and why and is always available and open to feedback and any questions I may have. She is honest, not pushy, never in a rush, has time to talk, is very efficient, up to date with all the latest studies and research, and just a lovely person. I can highly recommend her. Her salon is immaculately presented, it’s new, fresh, clean, comfortable and lovely and quiet. And what wonderful products the dermaviduals products are! They make my skin feel smoother, clearer, and calmer and a little bit goes such a long way. I love how they’re tailored to my skin and suit me perfectly.” (Peta, North Beach)

“Daniela has amazing knowledge and expertise in skin care and skincare products. She provides a great service in a relaxing environment and you feel safe in her hands because of her extensive training, experience, and expertise. If you are looking for a different approach based on science and research then I would recommend contacting Daniela.” (Ro, North Beach)

“I heard about the dermaviduals products through my 26-year-old daughter in Melbourne so decided to track down the supplier in Perth. I visited Daniela for the first time in February 2013 and have continued monthly facials ever since solely using dermaviduals. I am a 55-year-old woman and I have noticed a big difference in my skin and receive a lot of comments about how fantastic and much younger I am looking. Daniela has a beautiful calm treatment space. She is passionate about her profession and the dermaviduals products and keen to study further to learn more about good skincare and a balanced healthy regime. She is extremely caring and attentive to her client’s individual needs. I cannot recommend Daniela highly enough and have already referred my friends to her who all say the same.” (Gillian, Claremont)

“You’re amazing! Several weeks ago, diagnosed with rosacea, my skin was so bad, people were physically recoiling. With your tremendous advice and support, my face now looks the best it has in a long time. People are asking me what products I use!! Daniela, I cannot recommend you more. If anyone is looking for an expert, with vast up-to-date knowledge and experience, you are the one. Thank you for giving me my confidence back.” (Helen, Mindarie)

“The service I received from Daniela was professional, individualised, and friendly. The products Daniela recommended have been fantastic. I am extremely pleased with the improvements in the condition of my skin. Daniela provided a thorough explanation of the products she recommended and followed up to ensure I was happy with the products. Thank you, Daniela!” (Cassie, Carine)

“Daniela is the upmost professional. Her knowledge and passion for looking after your skin is wonderfully refreshing. Offering treatments in a pristine and relaxing environment her salon is a little sanctuary in the middle of suburbia. After trying many different salons, treatments, and products, DM Beauty is a standout that I would recommend to anyone who is serious about looking after their skin.” (Belinda, North Beach)